4 Red Flags For Breweries When Renting Kegs

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The humble keg washer has dealt with a lot. Receiving kegs from distributors and keg providers alike can be a challenging, if not an eye-opening job. Between food, grease, rodent droppings, and entire bird’s nests, our competitors have put an undue burden on your brewery, while letting a lot slide when it comes to getting you the kegs you need. We respect your brew and your business, so it only makes sense that we’d do everything we can to improve your brewery’s operational efficiency and keg logistics. That’s why maintaining a standard of superior keg quality and service can help grow your business. Without further ado, here are 4 common red flags caused by keg rental companies that your brewery should never ignore.

1. Receiving Too Many Kegs

  • You shouldn’t have to order more kegs than you need
  • The best keg rental companies don’t pressure breweries into taking on more kegs than they need
  • We get you the kegs you need when you need them. Any size, and any valve type


2. Dirty Kegs

  • There’s no room for dirty kegs. Sacrificing precious warehouse space by storing dirty kegs for the keg company means your capital and resources are tied up in kegs that will sit empty for longer than you need
  • No more kegs covered in lettuce, veggies or pizza sauce
  • No more receiving kegs with clogged valves
  • We remove all dirt and foreign material from the keg exterior before washing it


3. Damaged Kegs

  • Certain keg return companies have a history of leaky valves that are often caused by wooden splinters from pallets
  • Before every keg leaves one of our reclamation centers, we thoroughly inspect the body, chime, valve, neck, and the RFID tag


4. Kegs Not Fit-For-Use

  • Receiving kegs that you need to clean, that aren’t fit-for-use is unacceptable. Whether that means removing other breweries’ labels or debris
  • Decanting kegs is one of the first things we do when our kegs reach our reclamation centers
  • Removing stickers is part of our 15-point keg inspection, as well as tags, neck rings, and caps, which can be difficult and why other keg rental companies don't do it

Get more value from your kegs and your keg provider. A keg is a reflection of the company it belongs to, just like the way your beer is a reflection of your brewery. Don’t settle for sub-par products or services. You hold your beer to a superior standard, so you should hold your keg provider to a high standard too.

We guarantee that your keg will be ready to sanitize upon arrival at your brewery. No run-around and no hassle. We do business on your terms. Get the kegs you need when you need them without straight-jacket contracts.

No more waiting around for a large enough load to return kegs. With SmartReturn™, relieve the stress that comes with returning kegs and optimize your business. Contact our trusted team today.

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