How To Finally Prevent Empty Keg Return Delays For Good

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Fill-Day Is Approaching, Where Are Your Kegs?

You call and send follow up emails to your distributor or keg logistics company, but too often it’s not enough. Your empty kegs still go missing for months on end. Chances are your kegs are scattered all over, and getting your assets back under your brewery’s roof impacts your ability to conduct business. The worst part about these delays is that they’re 100% preventable.

Whether your distributor struggles with miscommunications in their warehouse or your logistics partner prioritizes other breweries, the fact remains the same. Breweries like yours are forced to wait too long to get their empties back. Keg return delays interrupt production and force breweries to supplement the cooperage they’ve already invested in with leased kegs, rental kegs, or brand new barrels. Keg loss and empty keg returns were a cost of doing business for decades until we introduced an industry-changing solution that guaranteed breweries would never have to stretch capital, or scramble for cooperage because of empty keg return delays again. Finally, your brewery has a better option for getting your empty barrels out of warehouses and back to your brewery faster.

Upgrade Your Keg Logistics

Time waits for no keg. Orders keep coming, and you still need to send full barrels of your liquid gold to fill your accounts. Of course, as the busy season peaks, your keg storage begins to look pretty sparse. By the time your average reverse logistics company finally has enough of your kegs to return to reach the critical mass to justify the return of your cooperage, you’ve already had to make other arrangements. Did you get lost in their portfolio? Did they not have the resources to get your kegs back to you on time? Do they worry more about their efficiency than your production needs? You need a reliable keg logistics company that can return your kegs on time, no matter the distance of the distributor.

When it comes to keg return, we don’t discriminate or take exception. No matter the size of your brewery, we return your stainless steel kegs from farther distances faster than anyone. How? Because we’re everywhere. Our global footprint allows us to make faster and smarter returns. International Keg’s reverse logistics network is so extensive that we’ve recently even expanded our operations to a 6th continent. The only place we aren’t able to help you move kegs is Antarctica… yet. No disrespect to the penguins, but they can’t even fly let alone appreciate the deliciousness of your brew.

Our global network of Point-to-Point reclamation centers gives your brewery the confidence of knowing that you’ll receive your empty kegs faster than you would with any other reverse logistics keg service. We’re never waiting for your kegs (or ours) to accumulate in a single warehouse to justify a pick up. We’re always moving your kegs back to you. Other keg logistics companies have 1 or 2 hubs around the world. We have hundreds of reclamation centers all over the world where we secure your kegs and return them home sooner.

Get Your Empty Kegs Back The Easy Way

As the beer industry forges ahead, the partnerships of smart and informed distribution practices allow all breweries to benefit from improved inventory and transportation management.

We’re committed to helping more breweries like yours become more efficient with reverse logistics and draft distribution. We’ve also worked with sustainable partners to reduce the on-road emissions it takes to bring barrels home. Each keg we return always travels the shortest distance possible every time because of our worldwide network of Point-to-Point reclamation centers, reducing the time our trucks are on the road and eliminating 100% of the carbon emissions for breweries during the return of their kegs. SmartReturn™ guarantees that you’re able to get your kegs back when you need them regardless of volume or your location.

Improve your keg management and empty keg return efficiency with our reliable a la carte’ SmartReturn™ service.

The inefficiencies of the draft beer industry have persisted as an industry norm for too long. Benefit from intelligent reverse logistics and keg return services with more simplified pricing. International Keg guarantees more frequent pickups of your kegs faster for swift returns to your brewery from anywhere in the world. Our many collection points all over the globe mean we’re retrieving more of your empty kegs faster and returning them to your brewery on time, every time.

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