Smart RFID Technology Platform

The latest state-of-the-art technology for real-time tracking and tracing of individual assets.
International Keg Technology
What is Smart Technology
Through RFID technology, we can track and trace the discrete movement of each Smart Asset around the globe.
Easy to Use
Utilize our innovative technology to fit your needs.

Depending on what you need or your volume requirements, the type of technology equipment or automation is up to you. You can easily scan assets with your smartphone through apps if you have a relatively small inventory. For larger inventories, our scan guns can scan multiple assets by simply pointing it in the direction of the kegs. Finally, our fully automated system of scanning a vast number of assets can be achieved easily and quickly.

Keg Tracking Technology
Keg Tracking
The Benefits
Enhance sales and marketing initiatives with real-time data.
Each individual asset uses RFID technology and unique identification barcodes that allows us to independently track and trace our kegs no matter where they are. We provide customized and comprehensive data reports that proactively manage your distribution, inventory, and freshness of beer. With our Smart Technology, we secure continuous supply regardless of demand.
Keep Your Business Efficient
More working capital, time and resources to focus on revenue producing activities.

By utilizing our Smart Technology, you can remove the cost and burden of lost or stolen assets. Internal asset management for kegs is no longer a necessity. Valuable square footage, time, and excess capital are re-purposed to focus on your core business. With beneficial information at your fingertips, you have the ability to run more efficiently, increase quality control and thrive in your industry.