The International Keg

From worldwide rentals to no long-term contracts, this is what makes us industry pioneers.
International Keg Rentals
Global Footprint
Gain the ability to expand into new markets in a risk free way.
  • We rent and lease stainless steel kegs around the world
  • Our Smart Technology allows us to track and trace all our assets
  • 100% responsibility is assumed by us for our Smart Assets
Keg Guarantee
Our Guarantee
We promise our assets will be clean and fit-for-use.
  • On-time deliveries are assured every time
  • We utilize only the highest quality materials
  • Multiple keg sizes and valve types are readily available
  • If a mistake is made, we pay for it
Smart Technology
Dealing with lost or stolen assets and managing inventory are a concern of the past.
  • We track and trace our Smart Assets globally
  • RFID technology and unique barcodes are utilized on each asset
  • Individual asset history is documented and quality is monitored
  • Access to customized reports to better manage distribution
  • Training, customer support, and smart equipment is provided
Quality Control
Efficient for Your Needs
Free up valuable space and focus on your core business.
  • Internal resource management no longer necessary
  • More working capital to focus on producing revenue
  • Uninterrupted asset supply is ensured year-around
  • Environmental footprint is greatly reduced
Craft Brewer
No Long Term Commitment
Maintain your independence and do business on your terms.
  • Complete flexibility with no commitment
  • No surprise exit payments
  • No lost keg fees
  • No de-branding costs