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The resources of a global company, but the care and attention of a small one.
International Keg
Our Mission
Providing you with efficient Smart Solutions, so you can focus on what you do best.
Our Core Values
We've established values that focus on your success.

Trust is vital in business, which is why we stay true to our guarantees of timely deliveries, fit-for-use kegs, and no long-term contracts. Because you hold no risk, we are 100% accountable for any mistakes that may occur. We’ll own up to it. We’ll pay for it. Our job is to make your life easier through hassle-free, innovative solutions.

Craft Beer Kegs
Supporting the Community
Making a positive contribution to the brewing industry.
By injecting a technology that has not existed before into an industry that truly needed it, we’re proud to add value and simplicity to a supply chain that greatly benefits. We strive to help all our customers improve supply chain efficiency and sustainability through our products and service.
Positive Environmental Impact
We pride ourselves on being a driving force of utilizing sustainable assets in our business.

As a premiere asset rental solutions company, we value sustainable processes. We ensure that our kegs are reusable, durable and are well-maintained for maximum lifespan. Furthermore, we recycle worn-out kegs, containers, and platforms to reduce waste and reduce our environmental footprint.